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Finest Incense Resin in Window Box Tin

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Finest Incense Resin in Window Box Tin

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High grade genuine incense resins sourced from India and Africa, Beautifully packaged in sealed re-usable "stay fresh" window tins single resins and specially blended combinations. From 6g to 30g Tins .

Absolutely the oldest kind of incense and in exactly the same form as used by the three wise men two thousand years ago. In fact the use of tree resin as an aromatic substance can be traced back much further - over six thousand years. The smoky fragrance produced by burning resin on charcoal disks is quite unique and amazingly evocative. **Charcoal disks are required for burning incense resins.

Basilica: 30gr True ancient mix to invoke both ritual and religious rites ceromonies, a blend of that combines frankincense, sweet myrrh, cedar, copal, and clove.

Benzoin: 30gr Famed for it's healing properties and still used commercially as an antibacterial. Purification and when burnt with bay leaves or can aids successful business.

Cathedral: 30gr Blended resins to invoke the special aromas used in services and ceremonies in the christian churches since the reign of Constantine.

Copal: 30gr Traditionally used for protection, purification, healing, cleansing.

Dammar Gum- 30gr Happiness, celebrations, lifting the spirits, remove negativity, cleansing.

Dragons Blood- 30gr Dragon's blood is sharp, deep, fiery, and powerful. It has been used widely in magick and medicine for centuries. In Western magick is is used primarily as an incense ingredient for power, potency, protection, exorcism, love, money.

Gloria-26gr A traditional mix of Frankincense, Dark Copal, and other resins, Gloria Blend has a sweet floral bouquet and is used in meditations or to create relaxing environments.

Harmony: 21gr A blend of resins to induce and promote warmth,emotional balance and a sense of peace.

Meditation- 21gr A wonderful blend of Sandal,Frankincense & other pure resins to aid complete relaxation and aid meditation and deep contemplation.

Myrrh: 22gr Healing of body and mind, clarity, cleansing, meditation and purification.

Olibanum 30gr (Frankincense)-Beautifully aromatic, spicy evocative, used in perfumery.documented usage dates back over 4000 yrs,highly pried by the ancients for both it's aromas and skin healing properties.

Protection: 26gr Especially blended for those seeking re-assurance, protection and safeguarding.

Purification: 22gr A dragons blood based blend to cleanse, purify refresh,clear out and de-clutter.

Ritual: 26gr A powerful ix of resins, herbs & oils similar to those used in ancient rites/ritual ceremonies.

Styrax: 30gr Highly fragrant and used in perfumery from ancient times to the modern day, part of the Benoin resin family.

Sandalwood- 30gr (Herbal Wood)-Magically, Sandalwood is used for protection, strength, power and lust. It is also used to enhance psychic powers and for meditation. Sandalwood also has many herbal healing applications.Provides a wonderfully evocative aroma and is without doubt the most popular incense the world over.

Nag Champa 30 mg the most sold incense, now also available as powder. To be used in charcoal burners, and on our special incense burner sieves. In those burners, the burning process will be slower than on charcoal. You may readily mix this incense with other kinds, provided you will use a slightly larger burner.

Concentration - 28gr Especially blended for those seeking mental concentration and alertness

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