Caci Acne & Blemishis

Caci Acne & Blemishis

CACI Microcurrent combined with Light photo therapy is clinically proven to treat Acne, Blemishes, scarring and pigmentation concerns by stimulating regeneration and the formation of new tissue.

Red and Blue light therapies are renowned for their anti-bacterial, anti-ageing, anti- inflammatory and wound healing properties. Light therapy is a natural way of promoting healing within the skin. The light that we use is a non heating light, it is a pure light that is absorbed into the skin

A course is recommended for optimum results, or this can be a one off treatment to enjoy. Course length may vary depending on individual requirements.
Treatment Time: 45 mins

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Wow! so helpful!Review by Georgina34
I had this treatment combined with the Skinbreeze Oxygen infusion and noticed immediately the results after the first session (Posted on 1/27/2016)

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