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Reiki Crystal Healing

Reiki Crystal Healing

.Reiki represents Universal Life Force (Rei) brought through personal energy (Ki) for the purpose of balance and healing. Reiki energy is a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of hands on healing; an energy technique that balances harmonises and restores our energy levels. Reiki works on all levels, physical, emotional and mental. Crystals can be used to enhance the healing energy of your subtle body. Reiki energy heals by flowing through the energy field and recharging damaged areas with positive energy, thus raising the vibrations in your energy level physical body.

Distant Pranic Healing

Distant Healings can be by Phone or Skype in a designated time, and when you are in a comfortable undisturbed area of your home. You can request distant healing for a friend or a family member, providing a picture of the person you are requesting the healing for
Treatment Time: 1 hr

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