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Qigong Energy Detox-½ hr

Qigong Energy Detox-½ hr

is an ancient healing approach from China, which works directly with your QI body's energy, re-energize, balance all your organs, and maintain your health and well-being. Qigong literally means energy work. The practice of qigong help to releases toxins, eliminates stagnant energy which causes negative emotions, impurities in the body and stress in the mind. This allows your body to rebalance and harmonise. Qigong boost your vitality and life energy with slow, simple healing movements, which work on the meridian system, similar to acupuncture techniques, but without the needles. You can learn exercises to unblock your energy paths and to calm, balance and eliminate negative emotions and equipped with effective tools to combat stress. This leads to boost your life force, energy and immune system. Everything is energy. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, as long as enough energy (Qi) flows freely through your meridians and your organs work in harmony your body can remain healthy. This means that when your body’s meridian system functions well, you are well. Yet due to a number of causes over-working, over-exercising and excess stress—the meridians can become clogged or even blocked. When this happens it affects the function of the corresponding organ and ultimately the whole body-mind-spirit connection. Are you aware your body is constantly communicating with itself through innumerable messages flowing through your meridians?
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