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Caci Results

Caci Results

.EFFECTS OF TREATMENT: •Crows feet and eye bags: Your eyes are surrounded by a network of fine, narrow muscles supporting the skin in an area which is particularly fragile. CACI stimulates these muscles, improving the circulation in the peripheral blood vessels, reducing the sagging and restoring a healthier skin tone. •Wrinkles on forehead: The vertical muscles that support the skin of the forehead are rarely used; therefore, they do not adequately stimulate the blood vessels, for proper irrigation of the epidermis. Frowning just stimulate these muscle and the creases that result cancel out any irrigation. CACI can exercises these muscles in a beneficial way, improving the skin tone and reducing wrinkles •Creases around the mouth: Between the cheeks and nose, there is a long muscle called the “joint elevator of the nasal wing and upper lip”. This muscle works in a downward direction, as a rule gradually forming a deepening, vertical crease in this area. CACI stimulates this muscle to work upwards, creating better support for your skin and progressively reducing the creases. •Sagging chin: whenever you chew, you are using the muscles around the jaw bone, called masseters. To correct any sagging under the chin, the muscles called the quadrate and the triangular is must be exercised. These are not used during the chewing process. CACI stimulates these muscles to contract, tightening up any slackness under the chin. •Improve complexion: Beneath the facial skin, there is a complex network of muscles and elastic tissue, whose function is to support the epidermis, and stimulate the peripheral blood vessels, ensuring that the skin’s foundation is well irrigated. Regular CACI treatments improve and maintain the efficiency of this “skin feeding system” and achieve a visible improvement to the complexion.
Treatment Time: 20 Minutes

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