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Chakra Essence Set

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Chakra Essence Set

Healing charged by Cinzia a professional healer with 20 years of experience

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Set of 10 bottles of 10ml each - The chakras are one of the bodies most recognised energy systems. Our set of Chakra Essences contains ten Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence combinations which will work to balance and activate the seven main chakras, and three important minor chakra points. Feet Chakra – Connection to Mother Earth

The Feet Chakras ensure that we have a constant flow of communication and connection with the energy grids of the Earth.

When to Use: Disconnection from the Earth and the natural world. Fears relating to physical survival. The Feet Chakras, these minor points on the sole of each foot work in conjunction with the base chakra and other minor chakras in the legs to promote grounding and the creation of a stable energetic foundation.

Base Chakra – Grounding

The issues of the Base chakra relate to our ability to function in the material world. Physical survival, grounding, connection with the Earth and our relationship with our body are all issues that relate to this chakra. When it is functioning well we feel grounded, safe, secure, abundant & filled with vibrant well-being.

When to Use: Fears and insecurities related to safety and survival, difficulties with ‘grounding’, staying present, disorientation, disorganization, indecision, lack of vitality, difficulty dealing with the pressures of life or fully manifesting creative ideas, problems in the lower etheric blueprint. The Base Chakra is located at the base of the spine and together with the feet chakras and the earthstar chakra forms the basis for our energetic foundations. Relates to: Red, Earth, Etheric Patterning, Etheric Body, Musical note C. Combination of: Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Loosestrife, Poppy, Jet, Volcanic Essence, St. John’s Wort, Cube.

Sacral Chakra – Creativity, Sexuality and Emotions

The issues related to the Sacral Chakra concern our relationship with others and the world around us, particularly our emotional identity and sexuality. When it is functioning well we experience life as a fluid flow in which we connect with others through our feelings and experience healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships.

When to Use: Anger, Frustration, Impatience. Blocked creativity. Difficulty expressing sexuality; sexual guilt. Out of balance emotions. Emotional extremes; violence. Unable to express or get in touch with emotional needs. Difficulty accepting change. Relationship difficulties. Wounded inner child. Relates to: Orange, Water, Emotional maturity, Emotional Body, Musical note D. Combination of: Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Squash, Rose Quartz, Calendula, Dark Opal, Chrysocolla, Icosahedron

Solar Plexus Chakra – Boundaries, Self Worth and Emotions

The issues of the Solar Plexus chakra relate to self-definition, personal power, will and positive emotional expression. When it is functioning well we experience healthy personal boundaries, balanced personal power, positive self-value and the constructive use of will power.

When to Use: Oversensitive; too open to others thoughts & feelings or negative psychic impressions. A sense of vulnerability. Feelings of unease in solar plexus chakra area. Lack of self worth. Lack of personal boundaries. Power issues. Emotional neediness & conditional love. Aggression, anger. An overly active mental body. Relates to - Yellow, Fire, Self Definition, Lower Mental Body, Musical note E. Combination of: Pearl, Moonstone, Rose of Sharon, Luffa, Dandelion, Buttercup, Garlic, Octahedron.

Heart Chakra – Unconditional Love

The level of consciousness associated with this chakra is that of unconditional love. Like the fulcrum point on a seesaw it is the centre of balance from which we begin to unite the polarities of the personality and integrate the physical & spiritual aspects of ourselves. When it is functioning well we are able to love without conditions and to feel compassion, peace and brotherhood.

When to Use: Loneliness and isolation from others through fear of being hurt. Fear of closeness. Lack of trust in self or Universe. Feeling unloved. Overly critical, possessive or jealous. Feelings of superiority. Unable to reach out to others. Indecision. Relates to Green, Air, Unity, Higher Mental Body, musical note F. Combination of: Ruby, Emerald, Sunflower, Bleeding Heart, Rosa Deep Secret, Peace Rose, Lavender, Tetrahedron.

Higher Heart Chakra

The Higher Heart Chakra works in conjunction with the Heart Chakra. The issues connected with this subtle energy centre particularly relate to the development of compassion and the ability to forgive both others and ourselves.

When to Use: A need to develop compassion. Feelings of not being able to love self or others. Lack of forgiveness for self or others. Combination of: Rubellite, Sapphire, Rosa de la Hay, Ipomea, Gold, Nephrite.

Throat Chakra – Self Expression

From the throat chakra we experience the world through the medium of sound, e.g. language. It relates to communication of all kinds including inner hearing and the expression of our creativity. Through this centre we connect with the higher mental plane to receive inspiration and guidance from our soul. The level of conscious associated with this chakra is the ability to express and enact divine will.

When to Use: Difficulty knowing or expressing your truth. Withdrawn personality. Puts on a ‘brave face’ rather than express turmoil inside. Suppressed emotions, needs or creativity. Problems in the throat chakra or with inner hearing. Relates to - Blue. Sound. Self Expression. Causal Body. Musical note G. Combination of: Lapiz Lazuli, Aquamarine, Tiger’s Eye, Bluebell, Snap Dragon, Cosmos, Dodecahedron

Brow Chakra – Intuition and Inner Knowing

The brow chakra resonates with the language of light or higher consciousness. It is the seat of our intuition and inner wisdom and when open and balanced allows us access to ‘the bigger picture’ of our lives. Inner vision or psychic sight is related to this chakra.

When to Use: Lack of faith in self and the universe. Feeling that ‘I don’t know’. Overly mental approach to life. Difficulty with intuition or inner knowing. No inner pictures. Unable to focus thoughts. Stuck in the small details of life. Relates to - Indigo. Light. Intuition. Soul Body. Musical note A. Combination of: Diamond, Petunia, Rosa Webbiana, Amethyst, Nasturtium, Light Opal

Crown Chakra – Spiritual Connection

The crown chakra opens us to the greater world beyond material existence and connects us with the timeless space of all knowing. The symbol of the lotus flower has long been related to this chakra and to the state of enlightenment that we can achieve through reaching the consciousness of pure awareness that it represents.

When to Use: An inability to see beyond this third dimensional existence. No spiritual awareness. A need for greater spiritual connection. Relates to - Violet. Pure Awareness. Spiritual Connection. Integrated Spiritual Body. Musical note B. Combination of: Gold, Sugillite, Lotus, Queen Anne’s Lace, Rosemary, Red Pimpernel

Higher Chakras – Universal Connection

In addition to the chakras most closely connected to our physical existence we have five important chakras situated one above the other in the auric field above the crown chakra. When these chakras are opened, balanced and aligned with all the other open main chakras we are able to connect with the Universe at all levels and dimensions of existence.

When to Use: Greater connection to Highest Divine Guidance and Higher Self. To connect with other planes of existence. Combination of: Silver, Angelica, Green Jasper, Convulvulus, Lavender.

Additional Info

Additional Info

How to Use Take 4 drops 3 or 4 times a day directly on your tongue from the stock bottle for as long as needed to create a shift in the energy of the pattern you are working with. Not recommend taking more than one combination at a time.
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