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Aromatherapy Wooden Wick Concrete Round Candle -CrushedVanilla-Orange

Aromatherapy Wooden Wick Concrete Round Candle -CrushedVanilla-Orange

Fine quality fragrances, Long burning times, Eco friendly

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A beautiful Concrete Wooden Wick Crackling Soy Natural Wax Candle containing Natural Fragrance oils. Patchouli & Dark Amber Burning Time: 30 - 35 hours. Dimensions: 14 x 5.7 cm. Weight 900g. Packed in natural craft gift boxes. These beautiful and unique Wooden Wick Concrete Candles are one of our favourites. They have a natural and raw appearance that gives a light and loving feel. Wooden Wick Concrete Candles will fit any style of home and will be sure to create a unique focal point. Felt pads have been added to the bottom to prevent the scratching of surfaces. The natural wooden wick creates the soothing sound of a crackling fire! The design of the concrete pot allows reusing it to integrate it into your decor once the candle is consumed such as a plant pot. The good thing about using a material such as concrete means that every item made is unique with its own anomalies and quirk. It also makes the perfect Valentine's gift, wedding favour and table decoration. The majority of candles found on the high street are manufactured using paraffin wax which is made from crude oil. However, soy candles are made with a natural, plant-based wax which is created from soya beans. Soy candles are rapidly increasing in popularity due to the natural properties of soy wax which is a non-toxic, renewable and sustainable resource. They are noted for their cleaner burning credentials and for the fact that soy candles can last longer than paraffin wax candles of the same size! Soy candles are therefore the perfect choice for creating a relaxing ambiance in your home.

Size: Glass jar made from recycled glass, is about 5 cms (2 inches) across and the height approximately 6 cm (2.5 inches). Burns for: Approximately 40 hours.

The plant wax contains no petroleum or paraffin products. The wax is natural plant wax from a sustainable source.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Features No
Ingredients The plant wax contains no petroleum or paraffin products. Glass jar is made from recycled glass. The wax is natural plant wax from a sustainable source. Vegan
How to Use Do not bur the candle continuously for a long period of time Make sure the wick is no longer than 5-10mm before using the candle
Benefits Burns cleanly hardly any soot produced Fine quality fragrances Long burning times Eco friendly
Size No


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