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Acupressure Facial Massage

Acupressure Facial Massage

.Acupressure facial massage is a blend of traditional East Asian concepts and modern facial methods. Muscle movements, finger pressure, and stroking techniques are combined with acupressure and lymphatic drainage aimed at restoring a healthy glow and relaxed expression. This wonderfully relaxing yet energizing treatment includes an acupressure based head, neck, shoulder and foot massage so that your whole body is treated, not just your face! Acupressure facial massage comprises four stages: acupressure based massage to the neck, scalp and shoulders to increase blood circulation to the face and reduce tension a detailed facial massage using an oil and shea butter based organic cleansing balm working more than 30 acu-points and 8 meridians on the face and neck lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins Facial Massage for Face and Neck Pain
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