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Holy Lama Natural Garlic Extract Spice Drops

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Holy Lama Natural Garlic Extract Spice Drops

Size: 5ml

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Garlic spice drops are highly concentrated extracts. Add the Holy Lama garlic spice droplets to any dish or drink for an instant hit of flavour, and unlike many dry spices, the spice drops can be added at the end of cooking to adjust the final flavour of a dish. Alternatively use in a spray atomiser for fabulous aromas.

Spices and herbs have been part of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. A person is said to be healthy when there is perfect balance between all three doshas (vata-air, pitta-fire and kapha-water). Garlic is not strictly a spice but it is said to have anti-rheumatic qualities. Spice Drops are a super innovation. Can be used in cooking and baking. Use to enhance flavour rice dishes, gravies, sauces and marinades or dressings. More convenient than whole or powdered garlic or garlic paste.

The finest Indian spices are selected and then cold-pressed, to keep the best flavour. The crushed spices are passed through a number of processes to finally extract the oleoresin (oil + resin), which is highly concentrated – the ‘essence’ of the spice. Finally this spice essence is finally mixed with a natural emulsifier to make it easy to portion and use in the kitchen.

Holy Lama is a family business and has been working with spices for over seventy years. They are a member of the British Fair Trade Association. Their production facility has been set up as a Government recognised women’s enterprise, which employs, supports and empowers marginalised women in the local community, in Kerala.

Additional Info

Additional Info

How to Use Take 1 drop for 200 ml, or more for a stronger flavour. 1 drop = 2 pod For best results use in the final stages of preparation or just before serving.
Ingredients Garlic extract (15%) and emulsifier - polysorbate 80
Benefits Enhances flavour rice dishes, gravies, sauces marinades or dressings. Garlic is not strictly a spice but it is said to have anti-rheumatic qualities.
Size 5ml


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