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High Vibration Light Body Essences Set

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High Vibration Light Body Essences Set

Healing charged by Cinzia a professional healer with 20 years of experience

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The Light Body or Mer Ka Ba

Mer Ka Ba means Light, Spirit and Body and is a term used to describe the result of the fusion of these three elements that occurs naturally when the frequency of our physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies resonate fully with Light and Love. At this point in our development the activation of our Mer Ka Ba or Light Body becomes possible. This can be seen as a body of light in the shape of a Star Tetrahedron and becomes our vehicle for multi-dimensional travel.

The geometric shape of the Star Tetrahedron is a combination of the five platonic solids, Hexahedron, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. These five platonic solids form the patterning of the original blueprint for human life on Earth. From this we can see that the original blueprint for the human form included the complete integration of spirit and matter within its make up and is a natural part of our evolutionary path.

Our ability to activate our Light Body is dependant upon our ability to allow the atoms and molecules of our physical and subtle bodies to completely resonate with the Light and Love of higher consciousness. Each of the powerful essences in this set of twelve will assist you to clear, balance and activate a particular subtle body or energy point and bring you closer to the activation of your Mer Ka Ba or Light Body

Etheric Body

The Etheric Body is our energetic blueprint so it is essential for our well being that this subtle body is strong and vibrant. The etheric body can be adversely affected by shock, trauma or drugs as well as unclear energies filtering down from other subtle bodies. This essence will help to strengthen, clear and stabilise this very important subtle body.

Emotional Body

This essence will promote a fast clearance of buried emotional patterns. Emotional energy is a powerful creative force - literally energy in motion. Our emotional responses to life can be based on unconscious negative belief patterns that continue to fuel our emotional response until they are released and cleared. Many people are afraid of their emotions, particularly those that they consider ‘negative’ and unconsciously suppress them creating a build up of stuck energy that blocks the subtle energy system and chakra points.

Mental Body

This essence helps to clear negative thought patterns and core beliefs held in the lower mental body. As the lower mental body becomes more balanced and open we are able to receive spiritual inspiration, guidance & ideas from the higher mental body.

Causal Body

The Causal Body vibrates at one of the highest frequencies of all our subtle bodies and holds the ‘blueprint’ for our life-plan on the higher levels. It also contains any previous incarnational energies or qualities needed to help, guide or be worked on in a particular lifetime. The Causal Body Essence helps to align and integrate all the other subtle bodies, bringing forward more spiritual and personality growth through the activation of this portal to higher consciousness. It will help with development of psychic awareness, clairvoyance, telepathy and possible memories of previous incarnations. This essence will promote feelings of peace, stability and inner security, thus helping us to move forward into a higher vibrational frequency.

Earth Star

This subtle energy point is about 9” below the feet in a direct line with the Base Chakra and Hara. Activating the Earth Star is important as it is our alignment point with Mother Earth and the magnetic grid and allows us to effectively ground and focus energy. Being properly grounded in this way is essential for us to attune fully with our Higher-Selves, Ascended Masters, Heaven and other star systems. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW!

Soul Star

This subtle energy point is above the higher chakras over the crown. When activated it is aligned with the soul, all ‘higher’ energies, star systems and the universe, allowing a greater amount of soul energy, guidance and healing to reach the mind and body. It is often good to take this essence just before going to bed as it can activate dream recall and conscious remembrance of contact with spirits or guides while sleeping.


The Hara is a subtle energy centre just below the navel (not the sacral chakra!). Activating this centre creates a focus on the need to be Divine Will in action. We cannot complete our Soul purpose or activate our Light Body when this centre is weak or inoperative. Hara Activation promotes a sense of true purpose & fulfilment as well as a greater sense being centred in the physical body. This energy point resonates with the spleen chakra.

Thymus Energy Point

The thymus subtle energy point must be fully functioning for us to activate our Light Body. The ancient spiritually attuned civilizations all had this energy point fully functioning and recognised its true purpose as the ‘Higher Heart’ centre or chakra point. Divine Love and Compassion for all sentient beings comes from the development of this centre.


This essence helps to integrate and balance the inner masculine and inner feminine energies. It is essential that the intuitive feminine aspect of us functions as an equal partner with the logical masculine aspect.

Crystalline Ray

This essence will stimulate the crystalline properties of the etheric blueprint and help to awaken soul memories of the Crystalline Light Body, bringing more conscious awareness.

I Am Presence

This essence helps to bring a more conscious connection to our I AM Presence, or Higher Self, opening the way for us to learn to hear, feel, see or know our own inner guidance and wisdom in a more profound way. Our soul is then more able to guide us to make choices that are for our Highest Divine Good thus bringing us more peace and joy. This essence will also help to promote deeper, more powerfully profound meditation experiences, making it easier for us to slip into that deep space where we become One with Mother-Father God and all Creation.


The Mer-Ka-Ba is the spiritualised auric field merged with the higher self, and can only be activated when the heart chakra is fully open. Mer-Ka-Ba activation allows us to dematerialise or teleport the physical body from one location to another; a process used by advanced beings, Ascended Masters etc. The Me-Ka-Ba essence can only re-awaken and activate the Light Body when all the issues covered by the other essences in the set have been worked with.

Additional Info

Additional Info

How to Use Try 4 drops on tongue once per day of one essence only, not dilute at least ten minutes away from food. See the effects. If guided try it twice per day. It is advised not to use more than 2 doses per day unless specifically guided. These essences activate
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