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Caci Hand's Rejuvenation

Caci Hand's Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate your hands with the Caci Ultimate Hand Treatment which combines three CACI technologies to provide a tailored treatment for aged hands or hands with aged spots. A deep Ultrasound exfoliation, followed by Skin Regenerator which enhances Tissue Repair and Micro Current System that help soften lines, wrinkles while reduce the appearance of pigmentation patches and sun damage. The final application of Wrinkle Comb which combines high frequency micro current with bio-therapeutic L.E.D light therapy to plump out and softens deep lines, wrinkles The Red L.E.D light is effective in stimulating natural collagen and elastin, improving blood circulation, triggering tissue repair and healing.collagen promote a youthful appearance, plus light therapy to minimize fine wrinkles. Results are visible after the very 1st treatment while improvements to recent scar tissues are visible after the 3rd or 4th treatment.
Treatment Time: 25 Minutes

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