Harmony Health & Beauty supports " MCKS Charitable Foundation UK", a non-profit organisation registered under the Central Registry of Charities of England and Wales which have a proven track record of strong commitment to improving the wellbeing, health and education of the poorest and most vulnerable local communities providing grants, items and services to individuals in need or charities, and other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty.

MCKS Charitable Foundation UK offers a Pranic Healing support run by volunteers which aim to alleviate suffering by empowering people with self development tools, psychological support, educational programs and charitable services to create healthy and resilient communities. The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK will visit the Charity prior to donation to ensure that the donation criteria is met.

Charity number: 1148680

How you can contribute

When placing an order with us, the option to make a donation is offered. Here you can enter the amount you would like to offer. Each pound you donate, we will double!